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Providing top-notch cleaning services for homes and businesses in Milwaukee, WI and nearby towns. Trust Bella Shine to make your space sparkling clean. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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At Bella Shine Cleaning Services, we take pride in providing top-notch residential and commercial cleaning services to the residents of Milwaukee, WI and surrounding areas. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring that our clients' homes and businesses shine bright. Let us handle the dirty work so you can enjoy a clean space.

Bella Shine Cleaning Services team in Milwaukee, WI - people or person Bella Shine Cleaning Services team in Milwaukee, WI - people or person

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    • out of 5 stars
      Anita and her team are amazing! My husband and I work 10 to 12+ hours most weekdays… and when the weekend comes we like to either relax or spend time with family and friends. So when it comes to finding time to do chores around the house, we’re not great or consistent at it…. And probably a little too good at ignoring the mess than I’d like to admit. We’ve been using Anita’s services for general cleaning for about once a month or two for about 10 months now. We don’t have a nice big house, or fancy things, but we do have a lot of miscellaneous clutter. Anita takes great care in cleaning and organizing our things in the ample space have. She’s fast, efficient and I love coming home from work to a tidy and clean house… but the time, energy and mental bandwidth her service saves me is beyond words, and is so greatly appreciated. Things She Does For Us in a 2 Hour Booking: -Kitchen: Dishes (by hand since we don’t have a dishwasher), cleans microwave (inside and out), cleans stove top, cleans and tidies counter, sweeps and mops floor. Also empties trash & recycling bins — sometimes when they aren’t even full — and puts them in our big containers outside. -Living room: tidying of clutter, tosses out any misc trash sitting out (we have a habit of just putting the junk mail wherever when we bring it in and letting it sit forever 🤦‍♀️, she either puts it in a tidy pile or tosses it for us), vacuums the floor and couches. The tidying seems like a small task, but it does wonders! -Bathroom: cleans toilet, tub/shower, and floors (we are in a very slow process of remodeling so we don’t have a vanity or mirror yet, but if we did… I’m certain those would also be wiped down and spotless). -Laundry: on occasion she folds and puts things on hangers for me when requested — this is literally the cherry on top of coming home. -I’m sure there are other tiny things they do that is harder to notice because I’m so blown away by everything else. *the only negative comment I have to share is really a fussy one… I debated on even sharing but my it bothers my husband so here I am… sometimes we will find a random “something or other” in a really odd place. For example this last time I found a dog toy stuffed in with the shoe shelf, when the dog toy bin was like 10 feet away. Little weird things like that… but honestly I feel like that stuff will happen… i only mention it so if you’re like him you can just prepare yourself for it.
      Misti Stelter
      Residential Cleaning
    • out of 5 stars
      Bella Shine Cleaning service are very professional and friendly. The cleaning service was very efficient and they did a very excellent job.
      saikath bhattacharya
      Residential Cleaning